Mayo Recovery College,
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Professional Staff Contributions

"I have been involved in co-delivering a number of modules in MRC.

I must say that I have found each occasion to be quite different. This is primarily due to the different character of the group of participants. Unlike in a conventional learning environment, which is very content-led, in MRC the mode of participation is very much student-led. Their ideas and questions shape what is discussed. This requires the co-deliverer to be flexible and able to respond in the moment. It obliges you to think with the students, to explore with them what is coming up in the dialogue. There is not the usual ‘protection’ of material that must be covered which only the ‘teacher’ is in control of.

This is very invigorating and exciting mode of learning. The engagement is very much dialogic – a multi-directional conversation. The aim for me has not been to reach a conclusion – a definitive place of certainty or knowledge. Rather, the experiences have been about the search itself and formulating the right questions to generate meaningful dialogue and new perspectives."

Dr Mark Garavan Lecturer GMIT 


"I have been involved with the MRC since its launch in 2013 as a service provider and family member. 

Over the past 6 years this experience has provided me with an in-depth understanding in a variety of subjects relevant to mental health from all stakeholders perspective. 

The Recovery College provides a unique platform from which open dialogue and genuine learning can occur and provide a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of recovery. 

It has greatly enhanced my recovery journey as both a family member and as a service provider."

Maria McGoldrick
Relative Peer Supporter
Bealach Nua


Mayo Recovery College
County Clinic
Co. Mayo

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Our Vision

The Purpose of the Mayo Recovery College is to create a culture of recovery, to improve quality of life and promote social inclusion by empowering people with mental health challenges, their families, friends and the community through co-produced education and learning together.

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